Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Monday, 15 September 2014

Tekkie Run Results

Bellville runners in order of position, name, category and result:

9 Samuel Van der Merwe Junior 0:32:02 (2nd place Juniors)
54 Corne Janse van Rensburg Senior 0:37:12
61 Jacques Botes Senior 0:38:48
87 Lionel Cronje Senior 0:41:19
115 Maritsa Kotze Senior 0:43:58
122 John Tye Senior 0:44:25
137 Frik Nelson Veteran 0:45:22
185 Monique Roberts Senior 0:48:35
358 Derick Batt Grand Master 0:56:16
367 Marlene Nell Veteran 0:56:53
372 Cornelia Liebenberg Senior 0:57:01
406 Carima Jonker  Veteran 0:58:24
414 Denise Chicol Senior 0:58:38
482 Wes Jones Senior 1:01:28
492 Neolene Heunis Veteran 1:01:44
510 Reuben Strauss Junior 1:02:33
535 Angelica Palmer Senior 1:04:14
542 Marida Palmer Veteran 1:04:36
678 Wilhelm Vermeulen Senior 1:12:06
711 Jolene Jonker  Junior 1:14:26
726 T Mqoboli Senior 1:15:22
838 Hantie Nelson Veteran 1:23:53
888 Aynsley Jones Senior 1:29:01
932 Catharina Coetzee Grand Master 1:34:53

Full results for all runners & clubs (Excel format)

Sunday, 14 September 2014

Khayalitsha 10km Results

Bellville runners in order of position, name, category and results:

199 John Tye    Senior 0:59:44
200 Denise Chicol   Senior 0:59:45
255 Morne Magerman   Senior 1:09:00

Thursday, 11 September 2014

CT Marathon Pink Drive Goodie Bag Limited Offer!

This incredible news just in - due to some AWESOME collaboration between Langman, Bidvest & BAK there is a SUPER limited offer:  

25 Pink Drive Goodie Bags valued at R300 containing a special T-shirt, arm warmers &
 all sorts of GREAT goodies to pimp yourself pink @ CT Marathon, are up for grabs @ R50 each!! (see terms below)

Please note following terms:
1) Offer only valid for first 25 Bellville Athletic Club members that contact Hilton (langman.murray@gmail.com) with completed forms below, are starting in Pink Hope 6 Hour Marathon Train and plan to finish in the train.

2) Once 25 completed Pink Drive registrations have been received by Hilton, the offer expires.

3) Club members are still expected to run in club vest, but you can pimp yourself pink with other goodies!


Taper Week!

We've got the final taper week coming up - and thought the newbies to the 42.2km would appreciate a few tips:
1) Don't try any new foods/diets in taper week.  If you haven't had Vindaloo curry before - now is not the time to try it out, you may just remember the loo more than the curry!
2) Try to relax & not obsess about not running so much in the last week! Read, garden, do what-ever it takes to ease your mind about worrying that you're not running much.
3) Try to get enough sleep - especially 2 days before.  No doubt - you'll be EXCITED (woohooo!) the day before...so good to catch up on sleep two nights before.
4) Keep well hydrated with water in taper week.  Serious partying to celebrate your 1st marathon is not advised 2-3 days before marathon!  However after the marathon....!
5) Don't dawdle too long at the expo - keep your legs well rested, especially the day before the marathon.
6) Checkout transportation options, time you have to be in starting pin and ensure you have this sorted.
7) Ensure you have your race day nosh ready - you don't want to stand in a queue on Saturday trying to do last minute shopping for Sunday's race.
8) Ensure that your race day kit is complete with timing chip on shoe! Once you've been to expo & have your chip, good idea to put chip on shoe so you don't forget about it on Sunday morning when nerves are rife! Checkout: How to wear your chip right way
9) Above all - just enjoy yourself!

If you're looking for more info, checkout:
Keep Calm & Embrace the Taper (Runnersworld)

Happy tapering!

Sunday, 7 September 2014

Meet the Member: Lucky Mokwena

Lucky can always be seen (and heard) at our time trials on Thursdays, so we thought we would ask him some questions to get to know him a bit better.

Number of years at the club: 4 years (Since October 2010)          
How many years have you been running: 4 years

Kilometers per week (currently): Not that much at the moment. Still recovering/rehabilitating from a knee operation. Recovery period taking frustratingly longer than I thought it would.

Favourite race: I had to toss a coin between Safari and Two Oceans. But the Two Oceans just narrowly wins.

Favourite running shoes: Nike

Goals for the next year: Complete Rehabilitation program so as to can get back to the road. Run that elusive sub 5hr standard marathon and eventually qualify for the oceans Ultra for 2016.

Favourite music: Anything and everything goes but not heavy metal and hip-hop.

Last movie seen: 2013. Lien se Langstaanskoene. I must admit. I was sceptical about watching it. It’s worth every penny and time spent on it.

Last book read: Sydney Poitier’s Life Beyond Measure.

Favourite food: Hot Chicken curry with lots of garlic and ginger on a roti.  

Choice of drink: An ice cold Pepsi does it for me.

What do you do in your spare time (when not running): Watching lots of Soccer, rugby, cricket and tennis on TV.

What do very few people know about you: I was  born in Musina (Then Messina) in Limpopo just 16km from the border between South Africa and Zimbabwe and also that I can watch the movie ‘I’m Sam starring Dakota Fanning’ over and over again without getting tired. I just love the talent that little girl possesses. I’m a Kaizer Chiefs, Manchester United and Lions supporter but I’m a Cape Cobras cricket team supporter (this is the only good WP sporting team).

Ladies Sunday Running Routes

We have a run on Sunday mornings for the ladies starting at Virgin Active Tygervalley. 

Summer Route (November – April):
Start time: 05:45am
Start at Virgin Active Tygervalley– head towards Carl Cronje Dr – turn LEFT into Carl Cronje Dr – continue under the N1 bridge – turn LEFT into Pioneer Rd – continue up to Durban Rd – turn LEFT into Durban Rd – continue with Duran Rd - turn RIGHT into Old Oak Rd – continue with Old Oak over the N1 – turn RIGHT into Suikerbos St – continue until T-junction with Bill Bezuidenhout Ave – turn RIGHT into Bill Bezuidenhout Ave – continue with Bill Bezuidenhout Ave until back at Virgin Active Tygervalley.

Winter Route (May – October): 
Start time: 6am
Start at Virgin Active Tygervalley– head towards Durban Rd – turn LEFT into Durban Rd - turn RIGHT into Old Oak Rd – turn LEFT into Mountain View Drive – turn LEFT into Chantecler Ave at 2nd traffic circle – turn LEFT into Eversdal Rd – continue up to Durban Rd – turn LEFT into Durban Rd – turn RIGHT into Old Oak Rd – continue down to Carl Cronje Dr – turn LEFT into Carl Cronje Dr – continue back to Virgin Active.

 Come join us!

Friday, 5 September 2014

BAKgat 10km Superheroes!

Do you want to be a Superhero?
We are looking for 37 Superheroes a.k.a Marshalls for our Bakgat 10km! A Superhero:
1)      Clears the path for possible PBs
2)      Ensures safe crossings so runners aren’t roadkill
3)      Gives motivation to the weary with a smile and “Looking good” chirp
4)      Is a beacon of hope to the answer “is the end near?”

If you think you have what it takes to be a Superhero and can spare some of your time on 01 October – please contact Gabi:  optocc@iafrica.com

Superhero bib and flag will be provided!