Monday, 25 April 2016

Central Athletics 2016 Results

Bellville runners in order of postion, name, surname, division and time:

10 km

232, Alicia Baard, Senior, 0:48:32
479, Raymond Herron, Senior, 0:54:47
832, Andrea Herron, Senior, 1:00:08
1209, Wes Jones, Senior, 1:06:02
1890, Angelica Palmer, Senior, 1:17:06
1893, Marida Palmer, Veteran, 1:17:07
1954, Davidson, Master, 1:18:07
2334, Hantie Nelson, Veteran, 1:28:19
2419, Charmaine Esterhuizen, Senior, 1:32:33
2420, JP Wagener, Veteran, 1:32:35
2436, C Groenewald, Grand Master, 1:34:25
2469, M du Plessis, Master, 1:37:14
2482, Elri Strauss, Veteran, 1:39:13

Click here for the Central Athletics 10 km 2016 results for all clubs and runners. (format .xls)

(source Sonia Harlock)

Friday, 22 April 2016

Laguna Mall 2016 Results

Bellville runners in order of postion, name, surname, division and time:

10 km

130, Neolene Lourens, Veteran, 1:08:19
131, Danie Lourens, Master, 1:08:20

Click here for the Laguna Mall 10 km 2016 results for all clubs and runners. (format .xls)

(source Bossie Boshoff)

Thursday, 21 April 2016

Telkom Challenge 2016 Results

Bellville runners in order of postion, name, surname, division and time:

10 km

85, Jan Geerts, Senior, 0:38:43
99, Lionel Cronje, Senior, 0:39:48
136, Eise Geerts, Grand Master, 0:41:54 (3rd Place)
150, Maritsa Kotze, Senior, 0:42:39
265, Desmond Rondganger, Grand Master, 0:47:41
277, Bongani Plaatjie, Senior, 0:48:02
319, Jose de Nobrega, Master, 0:49:11
355, John Tye, Senior, 0:50:32
427, Tyrone Fenton, Senior, 0:53:08
620, Dirk Taljaard, Grand Master, 0:58:48
677, Wes Jones, Senior, 1:01:10
706, Johan van Zyl, Master, 1:02:10
774, Wilhelm Vermeulen, Senior, 1:04:26
985, Helie Janse van Rensburg, Grand Master, 1:18:27

Click here for the Telkom AC 10km Challenge 2016 results for all clubs and runners. (format .xls)

(source Sonia Harlock)

Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Delta Draf 2016 Results

10 km

Bellville runners in order of postion, name and time:

165, Wes Jones, Senior, 1:02:52
184, Wilhelm Vermeulen, Senior, 1:06:11

Click here for the Delta Draf 10 km 2016 results for all clubs and runners. (format .xls)

Friday, 15 April 2016

Constantia Trail Run 01 May


“The fifth running of the CONSTANTIA VALLEY TRAIL RUN will take place on Sunday 1st May, we do so hope you will be able to run it.

The Constantia wine estates are kindly offering a superb bottle of wine at a discounted prize of R50 to all runners.

Please check out the website for details, do not hesitate to contact me if you require further details

Richard Acheson
Race Director
Cell: 0824 11 55 33


A beach run for the whole family to enjoy - the perfect way to spend your Freedom Day

Big M! - 20km - R95
Sunrise Monster - 10km - R50
Mini Monster Family Fun - 6km - R25
Now you can book online and choose to pay at any Pick n Pay store.
You can even load your ticket on your Pick n Pay smart shopper card.

You can also book and pay in store at selected stores. Click here to find a store near you
Start Venue: All events start on the beach, at the Promenade, next to Putt Putt and the water slides.
Route: All three routes are out and back, runners turn around at a Check Point marshal.
Registration: 6am, to collect your race number. On the day entries will also be available.
Start Times: From 7:30am (Depends on high tide)
Enquiries: Caeli Manuel - info@energyevents.co.za

Limited shirts will be available on race day at R200 per shirt.

Race Rules:
1. All entrants for the race must be 18 years or older on the day of the race to enter.
2. If under the age of 18, your Parent/Guardian must sign the indemnity.
3. All race numbers must be worn on the front of your t-shirt and visible at all times.
4. No Personal seconding is allowed, thus on the Challenge you must be self sufficient.
5. SHORT CUTS: there will be a number of check points along the route to ensure that individuals do not take short cuts. If you do, you will be DSQ!
6. 20km Race - you are required to take a charged cell phone, a minimum of 1 litre of water carrying capacity, emergency nutrition (sarmie, energy bar - not just gel sachet) on this leg and appropriate weather gear (if it is cold and raining you must have a rain coat, not just a wind-breaker).
7. Each individual is responsible for carrying their own litter off the beach, Absolutely no litter will be tolerated.
8. All the land owner rules must be adhered to. Sorry, no dogs on the run.
9. Participants indicate acceptance of the rules of The Muizenberg Monster, by their signature on the entry form.
10. Cut off times will be advised. The marshals have the right to turn you around, if you are not in good health - ie dehydrated, over-exhausted, dizzy.
11. Race Numbers to be collected at Registration.
am on 27 April 2016.
12. No refunds, substitutions or changing race distance once you have entered.

Race course is all on the beach – NO ROAD or mountain.
Cut off time is high tide…
NO DOGS, sorry!
Running shoes are highly recommended, but no kit is required. You will get wet!
No water tables, run with hydration pack (no litter)!
No goodie bags and no medals, no moans!
Timed Results and Free Photos on Facebook.
There will NOT be any tog bag facilities at this event.

Do it for the adventure, with beautiful views.
Source: Energy Events

Thursday, 14 April 2016

Correctional Services Nite Race 2016 Results

Bellville runners in order of postion, name, surname, division and time:

10 km

168, Wes Jones, Senior, 1:00:08
279, Lucky Mokwena, Veteran, 1:29:38

Click here for the Correctional Services Night Race 2016 results for all clubs and runners. (format .xls)

(source BA)

Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Volunteer Wildlife Service Trail Challenge

Hi there

The Volunteer Wildfire Services annual fund-raising trail run takes place on Sunday 08 May 2016.  We would really appreciate it if you could forward the flyer and race entry details to the members of your running club, or post the information on your social media sites.

The VWS is a 100% voluntary fire service, which relies on donations from private individuals and companies as well as our direct fundraising, including the Trail Challenge.  All proceeds from the race are spent on protection of biodiversity and the preservation of our natural heritage.

Race Details:

10km  - R175 per person
Race brief – 08h15
Start 08h30
Cut off 3 hours

25km – R255 per person
Race brief – 07h15
Start – 07h30
Cut off 4 hours

Enter online

Number Collection
Number Collection
Newlands Fire Base, Newlands Forest
Wednesday 4th May, 17:30 - 19:00
Thursday 5th May, 17:30 - 19:00
Saturday 7th May, 10:00 - 13:00

For more information

Kind regards
Richard Stubbs