Friday, 19 December 2014

Niel Joubert 2014 Results

Bellville runners in order of postion, name, surname, division and time:

13 km

43, Corne Janse van Rensburg, Senior, 0:52:55
48, Lionel Cronje, Senior, 0:53:31
112, Francois Slabbert, Veteran, 1:00:10
167, Carina Botes, Senior, 1:04:34
168, Jacques Botes, Senior, 1:04:35
188, Sheldon la Grange, Senior, 1:06:19
351, Barry Hellstrom, Veteran, 1:13:14
379, Derick Batt, Grand Master, 1:14:17
513, Phillip Lourens, Veteran, 1:19:56
526, Wes Jones, Senior, 1:20:24
541, Diederick Jordaan, Master, 1:21:00
569, Monique Roberts, Senior, 1:22:14
570, Roelof Briers, Senior, 1:22:17
572, Cythna Minnaar, Senior, 1:22:24
602, Neolene Heunis, Veteran, 1:23:26
603, Richard Norman, Veteran, 1:23:27
623, Megan Korsman, Senior, 1:24:01
624, Jannie Smit, Veteran, 1:24:02
663, Maria Compion, Senior, 1:25:25
666, Mike Strohman, Grand Master, 1:25:31
687, Sonja van der Westhuizen, Veteran, 1:26:09
749, Louise Kock, Veteran, 1:29:37
750, Frik Nelson, Veteran, 1:29:38
770, Michelle Smit-Stemmet, Senior, 1:30:27
771, Sonelle Slabbert, Veteran, 1:30:28
772, Patricia Roux, Veteran, 1:30:34
773, Sunelle van Zyl-Briers, Senior, 1:30:34
775, Liezel Engelbrecht, Veteran, 1:30:35
776, Lizet Murray, Veteran, 1:30:35
823, Wilhelm Vermeulen, Senior, 1:33:54
826, Adele Erasmus, Senior, 1:34:08
898, Marlene Nell, Veteran, 1:37:53
899, Carima Jonker, Veteran, 1:38:07
901, Geoff Lee, Veteran, 1:38:13
906, Janu Engelbrecht, Junior, 1:39:14
907, Hilton Murray, Veteran, 1:39:14
909, Danielia Groenewald, Master, 1:39:49
925, Wietsche van der Westhuizen, Master, 1:42:02
935, Lucky Mokwena, Veteran, 1:45:04

Click here for the Niel Joubert 2014 results for all clubs and runners. (format .xls)

(Source: Sonia Harlock)

Thursday, 18 December 2014

Mitchell's Plain 2014 Results

Bellville runners in order of postion, name, surname, division and time:

Half Marathon

133, Frik Nelson, Veteran, 1:47:41
160, Louise Kock, Veteran, 1:51:45
170, Maretha de Kock, Master, 1:53:25 (3rd Place)
357, Wes Jones, Senior, 2:15:23

10 km

27, Lionel Cronje, Senior, 0:39:22
175, Chris Wyngaard, Veteran, 0:58:19
546, Hantie Nelson, Veteran, 1:18:51
561, Ainsley Jones, Senior, 1:19:43
562, Marlene Nell, Veteran, 1:19:44

Click here for the Mitchell's Plain 2014 results for all clubs and runners. (format .xls)

(Source: Sonia Harlock)

Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Comrades Road Show 2015

For over a decade, the CMA has been organizing the ever popular Comrades Marathon Roadshow and as part of it presenting a series of workshops across the country. The Comrades Marathon Roadshow Programme has grown in popularity with the running clubs across the country sending the Comrades Marathon invitations to come and do workshops in their clubs and towns. To prepare runners for the 90th Comrades Marathon, the CMA will present a series of workshops across South Africa covering all the 9 provinces. The Comrades Marathon Roadshow Programme forms an important part of the CMAĆ¢€™s marketing strategy. It is aimed at primarily getting the Comrades Marathon runners ready to tackle and conquer the Comrades Marathon challenge. The Comrades Marathon Coach as well as other experts in the field of running and motivation share invaluable information with the runners that attends the workshops. The Comrades Coach shares great tips in terms of how to prepare a training programme; how to prevent or treat an injury. Many runners have credited the Comrades Marathon Roadshow Programme for making it to the start line as well as for getting over the finish line.

Cape Town dates:

4 MAR 2015: WED 19H00 Cape Town Alphen Centre (VOB) - venue to be confirmed

5 MAR 2015: THURS 19H00 Cape Town Strand AC, Helderberg Rugby Club, Charles Morkel Stadium, Church Street,  Somerset West"

Source: http://www.comrades.com/events/road-shows

Comrades Ladies Seminar

Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Pollsmoor 10km

Meet the member: Mandy Burns

Number of years at the club: 6
How many years have you been running: 20
Kilometers per week (currently): 55
Favourite race: Karoo 80 (even though it didn’t go very well this year)
Favourite running shoes: Newton Gravity
Goals for the next year: Puffer if they will have me
Favourite music: I like most music, but I love alternative rock. I love Seether, Foo Fighters, Shinedown, Biffy Clyro, The Cure, anything from the 80’s
Last movie seen: Probably Frozen
Last book read: I just finished The Reactive by Msanda Ntshanga
Favourite food: Lamb shanks and Brussels sprouts at the moment
Choice of drink: Beer
What do you do in your spare time (when not running): Kerstin has a very busy social life that I have to accommodate, when I get time to myself I like to read
What do very few people know about you: I don’t think there is anything that people don’t know about me.