BAC 2021 5 km Challenge Winners

Run for the Deaf - Cape Town Marathon 2021

Bellville Athletic Club 10 km Challenge 2021

2021 Commitee available positions
Dear Bellville Athletic Club memberYOUR CLUB NEEDS YOUAs mentioned in previous communications, we m…

2021 WPA License update
Dear Bellville Athletic Club memberAs per our previous update, we have not been able to secure 2021…

Bellville Blues Day, 6 March 2021

Bellville Athletic Club 5 km Challenge 2021

The 2021 Challenges - NEW Rules
The rules changed based on suggestions from members: to improve fair play; and to increase the joy …

2020 Bellville Top 10
And the Top 10 Runners in the 2020 Bellville Challenges are:

1. Theo Steenkamp
2. Gerhard Snyman

BAC 2020 Marathon Challenge Winners

BAC Final Update for 2020
Dear Bellville Athletic Club member,What a year we have all been through! When 2020 started, I do n…

Bellville AC 2021 Fees
Bellville members, here are the new fees for 2021:Membership Fees 2021
Existing club members (a memb…